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Ford protectionWhy you need Ford Focus Protection and Ford Fiesta Protection

When you buy a car, particularly a high performance sought after vehicle such as a Ford Focus RS or Ford Fiesta ST (or any other Ford vehicle), the type that you have always wanted, the last thing you want is to wake up one morning to find that it isn’t outside where you left it the night before. That's why we advise getting extra Ford Focus protection or Ford Fiesta protection.

First thing you do is look for the keys, which you find in their usual place. You shout upstairs to see if your wife or partner moved the car the night before, but they haven’t.

You then run outside and look up and down the road to see if your lovely Ford is parked on the road or even to see it disappearing up or down the street.

This is becoming a far more common scenario and according to police reports at the end of 2017, in certain areas around this country, car theft has increased by 30%. Certain cars such as the Ford Focus or Ford Fiesta are always at the top of the lists of most vulnerable cars to be stolen.

The realisation that your car has been stolen is a terrible feeling and has a far greater impact on your general life and working commitments that anyone realises; unless it has happened to you before.

These thefts usually take place overnight and so the impact is generally felt in the morning.

The first call you make is to the police so you have a police incident number to give to the insurance company.

You then have to contact work, or clients you may be visiting, call a friend to take the children to school, call a friend to take your partner to work, a taxi firm to pick you up and take everyone wherever they need to go.

Next call is to the insurance company who then take details and incident number.

Depending on the insurance cover you have, often the insurance companies wait for the report to come back from the police to confirm your vehicle has been stolen.

The insurance company may, or may not, provide you with a courtesy car replacement, but this may take time to arrive due to the delay of the police report. Also, courtesy cars are only for a certain period of time, perhaps days or weeks.

If your Ford car is stolen when away from home, perhaps on holiday, there are many other issues arising from you not having a vehicle to transport you, and perhaps your family either home or to your next destination.

If your car is found undamaged, it often does not feel like your car any longer. If your car has been damaged it takes many months to be returned, only for it again not to feel like your car.

These are the real experiences that our clients have been through following a theft and the standard car security devices not preventing thieves from stealing their car.

We have also had instances where a vehicle has been stolen, taken to a derelict site, as picked up on the tracker information, the tracker removed and left outside whilst the vehicle is driven off to be either shipped abroad or stripped for parts.

Thieves either target a vehicle specifically to order or speculatively steal vehicles if an opportunity arises.

Vehicles can be stolen and shipped abroad or stripped and the parts sold. Often the individual parts are far more valuable than the whole car if kept intact. People who buy parts from the internet rarely check if the parts have been taken from a stolen vehicle but often the serial numbers allocated to a particular car have been taken off.

When buying parts for any vehicle, people rarely ask if the parts are from a stolen vehicle. This is sometimes due to the part being far cheaper than new parts but there is a slim chance of finding out if the vehicle parts have been stolen.

Autowatch Ghost for Ford Focus Protection and Ford Fiesta Protection

It seems that if a thief steals a key or clones a key they can now enter vehicles very easily and quickly due to new technology and software downloads. The Autowatch Ghost provides comfort with a secure key or keyless protection for you as the owner of a car or any vehicle that has a CAN bus network.

Ford Focus Protection and Ford Fiesta Protection: The Ghost will not prevent a thief from copying or stealing your key but will prevent the thief from driving your Ford away. If the thief does not know the pre-programmed, self-selected sequence of buttons on the dashboard, steering wheel and/or window adjusters they will not be able to drive the vehicle, even if they have the key or a copy of the key.

The only way the vehicle can be moved is by lifting it with a crane on to the back of a flat bed truck but, even then, it will not be able to be driven.

The Ghost is currently the most effective way to immobilise your Ford Focus or Ford Fiesta and significantly improve your Ford Protection; it has a World-Wide patent.

Learn more on the Ford Focus Protection and Ford Fiesta Protection features

Ford Security - Install the AutoWatch GHOST Immobiliser and have what many experts would say is the best after-market Immobiliser available anywhere with a world-wide patent.

The GHOST is armed by utilising your Ford's controls on the dash, steering, wheel or window adjusters. You can select a unique button sequence code, from 4 to 20 buttons, to start your Ford and drive it away. SO if car thieves either steal or copy/clone your key they will not be able to drive your Ford away.

The GHOST also has a unique Service/Valet mode available, which means your vehicle can be serviced or valeted without you having to give up your unique button sequence to anyone.

Book to have AutoWatch GHOST Immobiliser installed on your Ford today before car thieves get to work!


If you don't need Ford Focus protection or Ford Fiesta protection, we can still provide assistance. We offer vehicle immobiliser options that aid with Volkswagen protection, Mercedes protection, BMW protection, and even Range Rover protection.

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