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Commercial Vehicle Immobiliser

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The GHOST Immobiliser has a Worldwide patent and is the only vehicle immobiliser in the world to use your vehicle’s CanBus Network to secure your Commercial vehicle.


When fitted, the only way a thief can steal or even move the vehicle is by knowing your selected unique sequence of buttons on the dash, steering wheel or window adjusters. If these buttons are not pressed, even if a thief has your keys, the vehicle will not start.

The GHOST Immobiliser also allows a vehicle, Commercial or Private, to be left unattended with the engine still running, even when the key is still in the ignition or when the key has been removed (Vehicle Dependant).


As a vehicle immobiliser, the Ghost Immobiliser is ideal for delivery drivers who make multi-drop deliveries but also need to keep the vehicle’s engine running due to having to make quick stops, particularly in busy areas, or to keep powering utilities or equipment on the vehicle.


If anyone attempts to move the vehicle by putting the vehicle into gear, without pressing the correct sequence of buttons, the engine will shut down and become immobilised.


This can also be engaged when warming up a vehicle on a cold morning before moving off.


Most thieves, if they have limited time, will steal the vehicle and move it to a safe place before stealing the contents. They will then just steal the contents, look to find and remove the tracker and/or immobiliser to then move the vehicle on to either strip the parts or to ship the vehicle overseas.
Most Commercial vehicles have locks fitted that thieves can now open within a very short period of time using relatively cheap hardware bought on the internet. They can also use laptop computers with sophisticated software to override the vehicle security and alarm systems.

The GHOST Immobiliser will not allow a thief to move, and therefore steal your vehicle without your unique sequence of buttons.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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